Frequently Asked Questions

I have a 17 year old irish draught x thoroughbred gelding. He has recently been turned away due to lameness but is now recovered, however I would like to feed him something different as I believe he is starting to show the signs of age especially in his stiffness, can you advise any feeds and supplements?

We would advise a Joint supplement, and due to his age would recommend Easy Joint Liquid, and to help overall health and performance would also advise Activated Excel Extra, fed daily to provide essential vitamins, minerals and a prebiotic for digestive health.

Hi i have a 17.2 trakanher 10 years old mainly competes in dressage with occasional jumping session. He is lacking some general muscle condition and top line, he can get excitable have you got a supplement that can help?

Muscle Pro is an ideal supplement for your horse, containing high levels of rice bran oil, providing slow release energy and essential fatty acids, rice bran oil has also been seen to improve muscle definition and muscle to fat ratios in the horse. The slow release energy avoids the excitability often associated with high energy diets, and also provides increased stamina for the horse.

Could you advise a suitable calmer for a very willful mini shetland. he is 6yrs old recently broken to drive. he is not desperatly spooky but is constantly testing everything you ask of him. i was long reining him the other evening and he suddenly bolted off on me (just as well no cart attached) if he doesnt want to do something he rears – picking feet, trimming, loading on to trailer, is very impatient when tied up. just a real little delinquent. i would say unpredictable. when leading him tries to grab the leadrope and chew it. He is a gelding. I am very reluctant to attach his cart with his attitude at the minute. I would like to see if a calmer would settle his head a little.

Feeding Stay Calm liquid daily to your Shetland may help with his behaviour and attitude, Stay calm liquid provides key nutrients to support a balanced nervous system, without compromising on performance, so his sparkle will remain, but in a controlled and more manageable way. It may also be worth trying a Tranquil syringe, a single measure of calmer, concentrated for those times when stress and anxiety may be higher.

Hi my horse is alost 21 years old,welsh sec D mare. I have noticed her a couple of times pawing at ground and licking/biting into the mud . is she maybe lacking in some minerals or something? she has a feed of alfa a and high fibre mix .in light/med work, stabled only at night. grazing isnt particually good where i am tho.she gets fed haylege at night. she has salt licks in the stable.

We would advise to add a mineral bucket to her paddock while she is turned out, to provide low levels of any minerals she may be lacking, while also providing a distraction for her in the field. Alongside this, include a balanced vitamin and mineral supplement such as Excel Maintain, to deliver optimum nutrition to her diet.

My horse is competing at Novice eventing, and often lacks sparkle in the dressage, he is very strong, and keen xc, so I do not want to add more energy, but would like something to give him some more expression, he sometimes looks a bit flat the day after an event as well.

If you are not already feeding an electrolyte daily, we would advise the use of Xtrolyte Blue, throughout training and competition, to support recovery after training and competition. Depending on his existing diet, we would also advise the use of a daily multivitamin such as Excel Eventing, containing vitamins, minerals, a prebiotic for digestive health and omega 3 fatty acids to support performance. If you feel your horse needs more than this, or is already being fed both an electrolyte and a multivitamin, we would suggest the use of Equicell, to support performance and recovery. Equicell contains high levels of Nucleotides, the building blocks of new cells, which are often lacking in horses working at higher levels or under stress from competition and training.

Hi My point to pointer is a seasonal headshaker, he gets pollen tablets to help, but his wind sounds a bit thick, he is not coughing nor is there anything nasty coming down his nose, do you have anything that would clear his lungs? And I was also looking for something to help his perfomance when racing.

In this case, we would advise Equicell, a nucleotide supplement to support the immune system, and lung tissue, as well as supporting performance and recovery. Including this product has been seen to support the horse’s immune response when triggered by pollen. We also have a product containing high levels of antioxidants and a powerful mycotoxin binder, which when used alongside Equicell offers additional support to the horse after exposure to pollen, molds, and mycotoxins, all of which have negative effects on performance, recovery and general health.

Are your products legal?

All of our products are FEI approved and approved by the jockey club so you can compete on any of them.