• Specially formulated to support the immune system.
  • Maintains normal function of the pituitary gland.
  • Ensures optimum circulation of key nutrients.

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With more older horses and ponies remaining in hard work as they age a number of issues may impact on performance and management. Excel Cush Ex has been specially formulated to support the immune system, maintain normal function of the pituitary gland and ensure optimum circulation of key nutrients. To provide nutritional support to these older competition horses the following ingredients have been added to ensure optimum performance can still be achieved whilst managing the aging horse’s wellbeing.

· Milk Thistle Extract – known to provide nutritional support for a healthy liver function.

· Vitamin C – provides antioxidant support, protecting the cells from damage particularly important in older horses, working hard.

· Vitamin E – is required by the body to function as a non-specific antioxidant, supporting the horse from oxidative damage.

· Chaste berry –used to support normal function of the pituitary gland of particular benefit of aging horses.

· Nucleotides – are powerful conditionally essential nutrients, when an animal is working hard and competing regularly the requirement for these nutrients may increase, allowing further support for normal cell repair.

· MSM – is a source of organic sulphur, an essential component of connective tissue, hooves and amino acids. It is closely associated with strengthening the cartilage matrix and increasing mobility in the horse, therefore allowing the older horse or pony to continue to perform at its best. MSM also provides additional support for healthy hoof growth and strength, ideal for the older horse

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