• A natural support for Stiffness.
  • Helps support older horses in hard work
  • An natural alternative to Bute.

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A liquid supplement for horses that may suffer from performance related aches. Containing Devils Claw, Nucleotides and Yucca, with additional Manuka Honey. Devils Claw is often used as a natural alternative to Phenylbutazone (bute).
The addition of Yucca to the plant offers further benefits to the horse and may help to alleviate discomfort associated with Joint stiffness.
Nucleotides are powerful conditionally essential nutrients, when an animal is under stress, or suffering from injury, levels of these nutrients found naturally in the diet or recycled from old cells cannot be relied upon to provide sufficient levels. Additional supplementation increases these levels and supports the natural repair and regeneration of new cells. Manuka Honey is a unique honey from New Zealand with many powerful properties, benefits of feeding Manuka Honey are of further benefit to horses suffering from aches and stiffness

Devils Claw should not be fed to Pregnant Mares

It is advised that Devil’s Claw may produce a positive test for harpagoside and similar substances, and great care should be taken over its use. Following research by the British Horseracing Authority together with other European Racing Authorities on the detection of harpagoside, the BHA recommends that the use of such products is withdrawn 48 hours before racing.

For those competing under FEI and other National and International regulations, a 48hr withdrawal period is advised. Devils Claw should be used with care to ensure cross contamination of feed equipment does not occur.

Instructions For Use
Feed Directions:
30ml per horse per day

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1 litre, 5 litre


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