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  • Help maintain the function of joint structures.
  • Contains Glucosamine for optimum joint health.
  • Contains MSM for muscle formation.

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A powdered horse joint supplement to help your horse perform to maximum ability. In any conditioning programme the slowest physiological system to adapt is bone and ligament. The constant weight bearing and mechanical function of the joints means the connective tissue matrix is under constant rebuilding therefore any support for cartilage formation and repair will have significant benefits to all horses.

Equiform Easy Joint powder combines glucosamine and MSM, both closely associated with the cartilage matrix and mobility in the horse.MSM is a source of organic sulphur, which is an essential component of connective tissue, skin hooves and amino acids. Sulphur from MSM is used in the formation of many protein rich structures within the body. Glucosamine is a key precursorin the synthesis of the connective tissue matrix; it also composes over half of hyaluronic acid found within the joint structures. Glucosamine is known tostimulate the production of glycosaminoglycans, essential in collagen and connectivetissue production.

This product is also especially useful for the older, veteran horse and pony.

Instructions For Use

Feeding rate:
Over 400Kg BWT : 40g/day
Up to 400Kg BWT: 20g/day