Developed for use in conjunction with the Excel Digest powder

Offering digestive support to horses

Packaged in a handy 60ml syringe


Excel Digest Paste

Excel Digest Paste has been developed for use in conjunction with the Excel Digest powder to offer digestive support to horses following the occurrence or risk of splash ulcers in the Squamous region of the Stomach.
The Excel Digest Paste contains a unique polysaccharide sourced from seaweeds; on contact with water in the stomach this forms a mat like structure on the surface of the stomach acid. This mat offers protection from splash ulcers when the horse is exercising, ensuring the stomach acid doesn’t come into contact with the sensitive squamous region of the stomach.
Further support is provided by the inclusion of FOS & nucleotides, as well as Aloe Vera & Liquorice. The Nucleotides have a beneficial effect on the intestinal mucosa, helping to ensure optimum absorption of nutrients, particularly important for horses prone to digestive disturbances. FOS has been included to ensure the microbiota in the hind gut have the optimum environment for healthy digestion. Aloe Vera & Liquorice have been included for their muco-protective properties, supporting the repair of any compromised digestive tract.

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