• A Powerful supplement to support a healthy respiratory tract,
  • Ideal choice for horses following a respiratory challenge.
  • A highly concentrated antioxidant complex & effective levels of Nucleotides


Product Description

Excel ResPRO, combines a highly concentrated antioxidant complex and effective levels of Nucleotides with vitamins C and K to provide natural support to the lung tissue and overall lung integrity

• The primary antioxidant, extracted from Melon, supports fitness and performance.

• Nucleotides, conditionally essential nutrients that are often depleted in horses under stress are included to support stress recovery in the horse.

• Vitamin C & Vitamin K are both implemented in the wound healing processes, and therefore supports horses following respiratory stress

The unique combination of ingredients in Excel ResPRO, offers powerful support to the respiratory system, allowing horses to perform at optimum levels.

Ideal for horses sensitive to their environment, older horses & after a respiratory challenge


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