• For stressful travellers.
  • Electrolytes with added B12.
  • Help to maintain normal behaviour.

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Excel Travelwell paste has been formulated to include electrolytes, with each tube containing a balance of salts similar to that lost in 1 litre of sweat. Nucleotides have also been included for their positive impact on the horse, they are considered to be a conditionally essential nutrient enhancing the function of the immune system and supporting recovery as well as regeneration of damaged cells or tissues. During periods of increased stress, such as travelling, nucleotide demand exceeds the supply available and additional levels are required. Yeasacc and Biomos have also been included to support and maintain correct digestive health, as horses can often suffer from digestive upset before, during and after travel. The inclusion of Vitamin B12 assists metabolism, and the natural flower remedies may help maintain the normal behaviour of the horse.

Feeding Instructions
Deliver one full syringe to the back of the horses mouth up to 1hr before travelling. A second syringe may be given mid way in a journey over 6hrs in length.

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Box of 12, Single Syringe


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