• For horses lacking in levels of important minerals.
  • Slightly harder and higher spec than the mineral bucket.
  • Convenient and palatable form.



Even when the horse or pony is at grass, there is a need for basic maintenance.Equiform Paddock Buckets supply this requirement in a convenient and palatable form.

The grass a horse eats may be lacking in levels of certain important minerals,so while the energy requirements may be met, along with the protein needs, the minerals required to ensure optimal health and well being may be lacking.

Paddock buckets are especially useful when there is a known soil deficiency,but the horse doesn’t have a requirement for hard food, or when horses are turnedout and only receiving supplementary hay. Paddocks buckets contain cobalt, magnesium,manganese, zinc, copper, iodine, selenium, calcium, phosphorous, sodium and natural sugars. Horses love them!


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