• Low starch feed balancer.
  • Barley free – suitable for excitable horses.
  • Maintains the correct balance of Vitamins & Minerals.



A low starch, high fibre feed balancer formulated to meet the needs of all horses and ponies in light to medium work. It may also be used as a top up to the existing diet for horses in hard work. Equiform Total Balance is Barley free and is therefore suitable for horses and ponies prone to excitable behaviour.

Feed balancers are ideal for when the horse is receiving a diet that may be lacking in vitamins and minerals, but when only minimal levels of concentrate feed are provided. Horses in low levels of work can theoretically be maintained on a forage only diet; however vitamin and mineral deficiencies are more common due to reduced levels in the soil leading to crops grown with lower levels. Therefore by including a feed balancer, any deficiencies can be addressed without the need to feed high levels of concentrated feed, meaning the horse can stay on a diet almost entirely made of fibre.

The inclusion of Diamond V XP, which is a heat-stable yeast, has been seen to have a positive effect on the gut micro flora, in turn helping to improve food utilisation and therefore improve condition. There are many benefits of including Equiform Total Balance into the horse’s diet. Most noticeably is the improvement in general condition and well being. The correct balance of vitamins and minerals means that when necessary, hard feed may be reduced. The inclusion of the yeast culture is of significant benefit to the digestive system, helping to ensure all nutrients are absorbed fully. Equiform Total Balance can be used as an economical way of improving your horse’s health. The Equiform Total Balance formulation allows it to be fed alone with high levels of forage while ensuring the horse receives the correct levels of each nutrient.

Equiform Total Balance can also be fed to top up an existing diet where a deficiency is thought to be present, such as a higher energy requirement but a risk of a vitamin & mineral deficiency. In this instance it can be added to the existing diet and over time the hard feed may be reduced, depending on the results required.

Instructions For Use
100g per 100kg of BW


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