• Double strength syringe based calmer.
  • Ideal for horses during competition, training and transport.
  • Does not compromise performance.


Product Description

Equiform Tranquil is a bright yellow paste containing the natural plant extracts, along with Vitamin B1, B2and E, Vitamin PP (Nicotinamide), Magnesium and Tryptophan. Based on natural products allowing the horse to feel calm and relaxed. Tranquil is a calmer to quieten horses during training, transport or competition. Equiform Tranquil will not compromise performance.

Tranquil comes in a handy 30 ml syringe for quick and easy administration whentime is of the essence, just before travelling or that crucial final round.

Instructions For Use
For oral administration to horses and ponies. To be given 1-2 hours prior tocompetition, transport or other stress periods. (This is double the strength of normal tranquil)


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