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  • For horses fed on a traditional diet.
  • Can be fed along side any of Equiform’s products.
  • Designed to be fed on a daily basis.

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Product Description

Xtrolyte Red an equine supplement, is for horses fed on a traditional diet of hay and oats and hasbeen designed so that it can be fed with any of Equiform’s Excel Discipline products.Xtrolyte Red is a liquid electrolyte that is mixed in the feed daily. XtrolyteRed does not contain any banned substances.


  • Suuports dietary deficiencies of vitamin E, copper, zinc and selenium, brought about by the effects of hard work in conjunction with the traditional feed diet.
  • Supports the return to peak condition after racing or heavy work.
  • Convenient liquid form which is more palatable to horses. Some horses are reluctant to take powdered minerals.

Instructions For Use
Feeding rate: 60 – 120ml per day.

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Product Size

2 litre, 5 litre


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