Success Stories

Read what our everyday customers have to say about Equiform, and how it has helped them get the best from their horse.

Marcus Reid

Excel Digest

I have used Excel digest on several of my horses since I was first introduced to it several years ago. I find the results second to none. It helps maintain a healthy gut function which in turn produces happy horses. This particular young 4 yr old horse I purchased was in a bit of a sorry state, (as you can see in the top photo) he was under nourished,  he was extremely sharp and  would bronc when tacked up / ridden. So I decided after a few weeks of working him I would put him on Excel digest! And WOW what a difference in his attitude to work, although still extremely sharp! I began to see a much happier horse that only wanted to please in his work, also his condition was really starting to improve quite quickly. I have no doubt that it was the help of the Excel digest (see bottom photo). This is a product that I absolutely swear by, the results speak for themselves and the most important bit is I have Happy Horses. Thank you Equiform for providing products that truly work, keeping my horses in peak condition year round!”

Barry Leavy Racing

Codolette Crumbs

We have been using Codolette Crumbs on a 4 year old TB filly that was sent into training with us. She arrived very lean and under nourished, lacking muscle, but within 15 days of canter work, our regular diet and Codolette Crumbs the improvement is extremely visible. Her form on the racecourse was poor but within 6 weeks of using this product has improved to only being beaten 5 lengths. The photos were taken 15 days apart.

Kiana James-Thomas

Excel Muscle Pro

Cannot recommend ‘Equiform Muscle Pro’ enough! This is the result after using just one bottle on my TB who was struggling to strengthen and ‘bulk up’ after retiring from racing. He loves it, looks great and feels amazing! Thank you Equiform Nutrition.

Shez Hides

Codolette Crumbs

My 18 yr mare had Laminitis in Jan 2020 after recovering from a tendon injury in 2019. Under close watch from the Vet she was put on box rest, a very strict diet & she lost muscle mass during the process.

In March we were given the green light to start work again and just in time for lockdown we started slowly rehabbing. June came and Maggie, still on a very strict diet, was coping well with work but lacked energy. I wanted a low sugar/starch product that would provide protein to support muscle development and help with her energy levels.

We tried a 1kg tub on Codolette Crumbs as Maggie can be fussy but she absolutely loved the taste and smell of the crumbs. We bought the 5kg tub and nearly 8 weeks on the improvement in Maggie is amazing. Improved Muscle all round and she has energy to boot and not fizzy energy, she is enjoying all the work I’m doing with her, including trips to our local Gallops. Thanks Equiform Nutrition, Shez and Maggie Mae.

William Gaskins

Stop Bleed has been successfully used to treat two of my horses. One bled badly after coming second in a 3.5ml PTP two years ago and we thought her racing days were over, I have used Stop Bleed ever since, she has not bled again and has won two open races and a 4th at Cheltenham. On my recommendation another trainer has successfully used Stop Bleed. I am in no doubt that your product stopped my horse from bleeding. I will be using it again this coming season.

Scarlett Ward

Our horses really benefit from Easy Joint Powder, particularly the older horses whose joints have worked hard over the years. The proof is in the results as we have horses in the yard on Easy Joint who are between 17-20 still competing at the highest level, yet they never come out stiff or sore. Also extremely competitively priced!

Scarlett Ward

We first used Excel muscle pro for a horse who arrived looking poor and lacking muscle. After only a short time on this supplement he looked like a different horse! Good skin and coat, weight gain and improved muscle tone without changing his work routine drastically. Really recommend!

Scarlett Ward

I’ve had a couple of competition horses who have suffered with their digestive systems. Mainly loose droppings or being particularly gassy. As soon as I put them onto Excel Digest their gut and digestive health improved very quickly and all signs of discomfort disappeared. Excel digest will always be my first port of call for any future digestive issues with my horses.

Anthony Condon

Excel Digest is a product that we use daily in the feed, it keeps the stomach and gut healthy and them looking great whilst being on the road a lot at shows or at home.

Lara Edwards

I owe Stay Calm Liquid so much, I have a very hot jazz horse and this transformed him. 16 regional titles, numerous top three international placings I cannot rate this liquid calmer enough. I can literally tell if we have run out within 24 hrs of him not having it. He still has that special edge but can deal with “general” things so much better!!!! Wouldn’t be able to compete without this wonderful calmer. Thank you Equiform

Daisy Berkeley

I put my top horse, Cooper, onto Zynolix, due to lethargy, and him having a sensitive immune system. He hasn’t looked back since. He feels much stronger, and with a great deal more energy. He was previously quite a lazy horse, and is now really in front of the leg.

Daisy Berkeley

I love this product! Staycalm helps keep my horses relaxed and focussed without affecting their competitive edge. I have found it extremely beneficial for competing sharp and nervous horses, and at home, for a relaxed mind when training.